About Britto Seafoods

Britto Seafoods Exports Private Limited, is a name to reckon within the Indian seafood landscape. Britto has been making winning strides in production and export of a variety of seafood products since its inception way back in 1979. With an in-depth knowledge of the process value chain and access to some of the best talents, tools and technologies available in the globe, the company has earned a high reputation as being ‘customer-focused’ and ‘trustworthy’ among its clients across the world.

Britto remains to be the ‘top-of-the-mind’ choice for a host of clients across the world for its unmatched ability to provide widest range of seafood products and comprehensive services.

In the ‘success-filled’ journey spanning over 3 decades, Britto has established world-class benchmarks of quality excellence, robust adherence to processes, wide range of products, cutting-edge technology and enduring client relationships.

Being a customer-focused company, Britto offers products covering all the 4 major seafood product categories:

Live Seafood
Fresh Chilled Seafood
Frozen Seafood
Ready-to-Eat products

Britto has time-honoured presence in the US, UK, Japan, most countries in the EU, Middle East, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Australia, among few other locations in the world.

Backed by its core expertise, accumulated experience and unmatched service standards, the company is keen to widen its professional horizons by making available its products in many countries and scale new heights in the international seafood market.


To evolve as a global leader in the seafood industry
To develop a robust, scalable and most efficient seafood supply chain

Management Philosophy:

Integrity, dedication and innovation